We provide you with nifty location sharing
during the time of a call

Developed with love and passion

We do not aim to be just another messaging service. We belive to be the most intuitive and seure location sharing app on the market. Give it a shot and try location-enhanced calls to easily find or meet up with your friends.

It`s Simple

You wanna know where your friends are? Just start the app and call them. These calls happen in a Skype like manner via Voice over IP (VoIP) but more importantly your locations are instantly shared with each other.

It`s Private and Secure

You care about Privacy? Good because we do too! All network requests are encrypted and privacy is considered by design. So your location is only shared during the time of the call and if you do not answer your location will not be revealed to your calling partner.

It`s Cool

We pay attention to every little detail to offer you a cool user experience. But also a clean and beautiful design is something we truly care about.


The app can be used for free. We have planned to provide some advanced features that will be available for purchase in the near future.

Location-enhanced phone calls

Where the hell are you - provides you with the powerful ability to call one of your contacts and instantly share each others location. During the time of the call your location data will be updated every few seconds. So you always know where your and your calling partner is right now. This can be incredibly useful in many situations:

  • Set up meeting points

    Call somebody and decide instantly where to meet, without the hassle of endless discussions where you both are right now.

  • Find each other

    You are meeting with some friends in a park but their explanation does not help you very much to find them. Just give them a call with - Where the hell are you?

  • And many more...

    There are countless of use cases like on Festivals and outdoor events, or even when you are hiking, skiing, or lost somewhere in the city. Just think about how often you are calling someone and the first thing you are asking is "Hey where (the hell) are you?"

Our pricing models

We currently only offer our free app. In the near future we plan to provide a pro version with advanced features.